About Us

DIAMOND GEMOLOGICAL LABORATORIES OF AMERICA (DGLA) is a leading provider of gemstone services worldwide, setting the standard for excellence since its establishment in 1984. DGLA reports are recognized internationally as the definitive passport for gemstones, relied upon by trade professionals in over 90 countries for their consistent and reliable gemstone identification expertise.

We use the latest technology from around the world to make this possible and create flawless and accurate diamond reports.

DGLA's highly trained and experienced team of scientific technicians and gemologists employ a proven methodology to deliver unparalleled accuracy in gemstone procedures, report record keeping, and gem & jewelry security and handling. Their state-of-the-art laboratories are strategically located in the heart of gem & jewelry districts around the world, making DGLA the go-to source for in-trade gemstone manufacturers, fine jewelry artisans, and the public at large.

With a reputation as the standard of excellence in gemstones and fine jewelry evaluation worldwide, DGLA remains at the forefront of gemological advancements, ensuring the highest level of service and expertise for their clients.

Our diamond reports contain the analytical result of the diamond 4Cs, the process of origin (natural or synthetic), the plotting diagram of the diamond’s physical characteristics (internal and external) and a graphical representation of its proportions.

This diamond certificate also provides additional information about the proportions of a diamond in detail along with the polish grade, symmetry grade, and proportions grade (only for standard round brilliant cuts) for the diamond.