Terms And Conditions

Diamond Gemological Laboratories of America (DGLA) hereby clarifies the scope, purpose, and intended use of this gem and jewelry report. Our expert gemologists have carefully inspected and graded the item and gemstones as mounting permits, or unset if specified. DGLA provides no warranty of the item and expressly disclaims any implied warranty on its part. Our liability is limited to the per item fee collected for performing the work of creating this report. A bill of sale for this item at the amount actually paid should accompany the purchase of this item from the actual seller. We have used currently accepted gemological and appraisal techniques to create this report. However, future changes in grading technology or standards are anticipated and are not controlled by DGLA. It is important to note that appraisals are expert opinions and not all appraisers grade identically. Grading is, therefore, subjective.
The photo included in the report is not the exact size or exact item but is a reasonable representation of the actual item for sale. The weights mentioned on the certificate are provided by the manufacturer or retailer, and DGLA explicitly disclaims any responsibility for the weights specified. No verification of common or uncommon gemstone treatments or enhancements has been made by DGLA.
When applicable, DGLA uses GIA terminology based on our own professional techniques and equipment. This report is made for the seller and the consumer and is for no other use than as an assurance to these parties that the gems and jewelry meet the grading on this report. No reproduction or publication, in part or in total of this report is permitted. DGLA makes no warranty of the item and expressly disclaims any implied warranties. Trust Diamond Gemological Laboratories of America for accurate and reliable gem and jewelry reports.

Our Service

DGLA conditionally agrees to provide its Service to the Client subject to these General Terms and Conditions and subject to an order form or other document constituting specific mutual agreement identifying the exact scope of service, the Item(s) to be inspected, names and addresses, fees & payment, timelines, formalities of receipt and delivery and any other special conditions and details relating to the agreed service

Any service to be provided by DGLA or a Report to be issued thereby shall be made upon the request of the Client and for the exclusive use of the Client. The Client acknowledges and agrees that the opinions indicated in a Report may differ from the matters as indicated in another report issued before or after such Report, due to the technology and tools used for the Inspection or subjective elements at the time of the relevant Inspection. The Client further acknowledges that gemstone testing, inspection, identification and grading is not an exact science. The Report represents only the best professional opinion of DGLA, and accordingly DGLA shall not be responsible for any possible dissimilarities and/or differences that could appear from repeated observations and/or use of other standards, norms, methods or criteria other than those chosen by DGLA.

In certain cases, because of the lack of evidence / characteristic features in the Item or lack of some specific equipment, the Item may be returned without performing the Service. Whenever DGLA deems it impossible or impractical to perform the Service, DGLA may terminate the respective request and inform the Client of such termination. In such a case, unless otherwise agreed between DGLA and the Client, DGLA shall return the fees received from the Client with respect to such request, if any, together with the Item. The amount so returned shall not accrue any interest. DGLA may deduct any admin fees or other reimbursements against the time and attention given to the terminated request.

DGLA in routine employs non-destructive methods of Identification, however, in certain cases destructive methods might be employed on the permission of the Client.

Validity of Report

The validity of the Report shall be determined in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions and any other conditions provided in or specifically applicable to the Report. In principle, there is no time limit for the validity of the Report as long as the same circumstances under which the Report was issued strictly remain unchanged.

A Report shall become invalid if any of the following events occurs:

  • DGLA determines that any unauthorised alteration, modification or addition is made to the Report.
  • DGLA determines that the shape, characteristics, or description of the relevant Item has changed or been modified after its Inspection, Identification or Grading.
  • DGLA determines that the quality of the relevant Item has changed in any way whatsoever after its Inspection, Identification or Grading.
  • DGLA determines that the information provided by the Client in relation to the Item were untrue, inaccurate, or incomplete
  • DGLA determines that the Client is in breach of any of his representations or obligations.